Rebuild Her Career - Bali Edition

Our little (and we mean little) Holly has been under the guiding wings of Adam, Matt and Macka for the last few months, while they help set her on track to Rebuild Her Career.

By using probably not so common techniques to help her regain her skills as an accomplished musician, the boys have put Holly through her paces, making sure that when that big moment hits, she's ready.

Along the way, the guys have helped her gain a gig at Telethon, and help her practice songs in other languages so she's ready for her world tour - a tour which may have already started!

Recently, while Holly was on holiday in Bali, the boys signed her up for the first gig of her tour - a Karaoke session at The Bamboo Bar and Grill. Okay, so maybe she signed up for it, but the guys are taking full credit for it.

So where to next?




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