Pool Party 2015 + Water Balloons

We here at The Kitchen like to kick things off on the right foot, thats why on the first show of a new year, we host our (now) Annual Pool Party, Live from Adams' House. It's a great excuse for us to leave the studio, broadcast from a beautiful location with a talented local Perth musician, whilst being poolside and surrounded by fans of the show.

This year, joined by local muso Taylor Cutts, we decided to liven the show up on what Adam refers to as one of the more "duller" points of the show - Matts' Weather Report. Sure it's informative, but it's all numbers and we all know too well how good at numbers Adam really is.

Give members of the house audience a box of 500 water balloons plus an hour and a half, then on cue, let all havoc loose on Matt while he tries his best to be a professional and file his weather report.

Looking back, another amazingly fun day for the team and a group of special fans, an awesome live acoustic performance from Taylor Cutts and a champion effort from Matt - we're going to have to think of something really good to get you with next year!


Also, we can't forget a special thanks to Dr Ted, Margaret and Macka - thanks for being behind the scenes!


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