Australia Decides: Vote 1 Hotdogs!

If you're like Matt, you're going to be watching the ABC's coverage of tomorrows election, writing down all the results and trying to do your best Antony Green and call the election before he does.

If you're like Adam & Macka, you're all about the hotdogs...

It is now common knowledge that at voting places when elections come around, schools and community groups take advantage by putting themselves at the exit of the polls ready to hand out what have come to be known as DEMOCRACY SAUSAGES!

But some polling places don't have them (shockingly). That's why Google is your best friend to look at just before voting.

Their election map shows not only the places that are open tomorrow, but if they're hosting a sausage sizzle or not!

So make sure you check it out before you go, and as always...



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