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Kat Wilson & Kimberley Heberley at our Pool Party!

So we might have called it on the day - the first day of 2016 - but this has to be the best cover of 2016! Kat Wilson and Kimberley Heberley playing a cover of INXS's "Never Tear Us Apart", poolside at our 3rd Annual Pool Party!

Rebuild Her Career - Pool Party Edition

It was bound to happen - put the team outside in a pool with a captive audience and there's no excuses to why they wouldn't want to get Holly her first Pool Party gig.

Pool Party 2015 + Water Balloons

A wrap-up of our outside broadcast Pool Party on January 2nd, where we had a live acoustic from Taylor Cutts and decided to liven up Matts' Weather Report, by throwing water balloons at him. Turns out, it works!

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