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Rebuild Her Career - Pool Party Edition

It was bound to happen - put the team outside in a pool with a captive audience and there's no excuses to why they wouldn't want to get Holly her first Pool Party gig.

Rebuild Her Career - Bali Edition

Our little (and we mean little) Holly has been under the guiding wings of Adam, Matt and Macka for the last few months, while they help set her on track to Rebuild Her Career. But her world tour might start sooner than we expected?

Adam Runs 2.6km While Live On Air

A random discussion was had about how far away the local basketball stadium was. Adam stated that he could run there and back in 10 minutes. Holly challenged him to it.

Pool Party 2015 + Water Balloons

A wrap-up of our outside broadcast Pool Party on January 2nd, where we had a live acoustic from Taylor Cutts and decided to liven up Matts' Weather Report, by throwing water balloons at him. Turns out, it works!

Adam does the #IceBucketChallenge

My girlfriend nominated me to do the #IceBucketChallenge and I asked station manager Dr Ted to do the honours.

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