There's a Tinder for music fans now.

Have you had no luck through Tinder? Is the most important thing in a partner their music tastes? Well, look what we've discovered.

The app is called Mix'd, and it follows the exact same formula as the ubiquitous app, but instead of focusing on common and normal things like interests and mutual friends, it finds matches based on your favourite artists. Needless to say, if you're in your early-20s and seeking a female partner and don't like Justin Bieber, your options may be somewhat limited.

Otherwise, if you've tried literally everything and nothing has worked, then give Mix'd a shot. Well, if you're reading this in the USA that is, because it's only available there. But if you're going there for Coachella next year, give it a shot!

In unrelated news, Matt is going back to the USA now, apparently.


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