How to do a festval toilet. Properly.

As you would well and truly know, we here at The Kitchen like to get to the bottom of the biggest issues. If you listened to last week's show, you would be well aware of our commitment to stories like this...

It's common knowledge that the festival scene here in Australia isn't going too great at the moment. Soundwave is scaling back to be an eastern states-only festival, Future Music has been cancelled, and if you live in Perth, the only main festivals within the metro area is Stereosonic (cue shredding jokes) and Laneway (We aren't forgetting Southbound if you're up for a fun weekend away). Everyone has their own theories as to why festivals aren't working as well as what they used to, though I'm sure many people would agree that festival toilets have never been the greatest.

Cue the all-around awesome Coachella Festival in the US, which has decided not to install portaloos, but a full-fledged, permanent, toilet area for its patrons. Sure, it's not the dream setup (the VIPs will probably get that), but its great to see a major festival taking some steps to make an essential but normally dreadful experience a little bit more bearable!




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