Wolfmother announce brand new album

Wolfmother are back, and more rocky than ever.

The mastermind behind the rock group Andrew Stockdale has revealed that fans can expect the band's new album Victorious available for full download on February 19, 2016.

Not only can fans expect a new album, but right now they can download the title track Victorious and new single City Lights (which can be heard below) right away when they pre-order the album on iTunes.

Speaking with Billboard, Stockdale sounds super excited about the new record, which has mostly been recorded in LA.

“I listened to it yesterday, or a couple of days ago, played it to a friend and just seeing people really freak out over Victorious and seeing the way it hits them — the beat and the chorus — it’s almost like it’s having a second life now, and it’ll have another life as well when it comes out,” Stockdale says.

The last time we heard from the rockers out of Sydney was back in 2014 when they released New Crown after coming off a short hiatus.

If these new songs are anything to go by, this new album is going to ROCK!



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