One cover. All of the awesome musicians!

Overnight, the BBC relaunched their music presence. Nothing too abnormal about that, but the way they did it was extraordinary! For starters, they covered the Beach Boys' "God Only Knows", and then decided to get every musician ever (slight exaggeration) to help cover it. We're talking artists like Chris Martin, Lorde, Dave Grohl, Stevie Wondie, Elton John... You get the idea, there's too many talented artists to list here! Also, it was played on every BBC TV & Radio station, including the news ones, meaning if you live in the UK, you couldn't get away from it. To make sure that every single person on the planet got to hear it, it was also played on the BBC's two major worldwide stations, BBC World News on TV, and the BBC World Service on radio.

In summary: A lot of people got to hear one of the most musically stacked covers in a long time. It's as awesome as it sounds, and as a bonus, all proceeds from the track go towards the BBC's Children In Need charity. It's a win-win really, so listen already!


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