New Music from Adventure Land

“Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is" is the new single by Brisbane pop-rockers, Adventure Land, and that’s exactly what this self-funded 100% independent band is doing! With a sound that's not only unique to themselves, they fall familiar to fans of artists such as The Fray and The Script. This single is their first release since 2014 single “Take Heart”.

Frontman Sam Baxter says it’s a song he wrote that’s honest and straight to the point. “It’s about sexual tension and the influence of wealth. Everyone can relate to those moments when you just want to let your hair down and throw your clothes off and disregard all socially acceptable Behaviour.”

Forming in 2010 as late teenagers, Adventure Land have matured into one of Brisbane’s most exciting rock/pop acts. Their 2011 debut EP “Part One (Let Our Hearts Dream)” featured the single “The Eastern Sky” earning the band a nomination for the Queensland Music Awards in the pop category. Quite a feat for a band in their youth.

In 2012, the band released standalone single “Tonight We’re Alive”, then after a small hiatus in 2013, the band returned in the later end of 2014 bringing to the table their single “Take Heart”.

“Our previous stuff was like a plate of chocolate brownies at fat camp: sweet, dense and would go pretty fast,” says Guitarist Tim Dennis. “Our new stuff is like a New York deli sandwich, more diverse, easier to sink your teeth into and overall more satisfying.”

Being a show called The Kitchen, we highly appreciated the comparison of sandwiches, plus also the sound of an amazing track.


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