Jay Bovino featuring Sahara Beck - Get You Alone

When artists are in bands releasing killer hits, we tend not to think about what they're working on other than specifically that band. Turns out though, that in lots of cases an artists' side project is just as interesting and sometimes more so than their "usual day job".

Step in Jay Bovino - he's spent 4 years writing and touring the world as songwriter and guitarist for Aussie indie-pop group Sheppard with which he co-wrote Geronimo, a song that managed to take the crown for #1 in over 20 countries. That's pretty impressive!

Written while hanging out in Mexico and Brisbane, then recorded in the US and Australia, Jay is bringing his side project to the front of the stage with his new single Get You Alone, thanks to the help of Sahara Beck.

Now we could go on and tell you what characteristics it has that reminds us of other artists, but Here at The Kitchen, we don't have time for that - especially when there's good music to listen to! So, you know, give it a crack!



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