Jamiroquai tease new album, Automaton

British musicians Jamiroquai are back, announcing they'll headline 10 festivals across Asia and Europe in mid-2017, as well as teasing their new album Automaton.

It'll be a big year for the nine-piece, bringing their mix of acid jazz and funk to Tokyo and Seoul in May, Athens and Rotherdam in June, before covering most of continental Europe - from Finland to Portugal - in July. It's enough to drive you to Virtual Insanity. Sorry.

The group have also dropped a YouTube clip titled "#AUTOMATON TRANSMISSION 001", captioned "Coming to a planet near you...". It's a teaser for Automaton, their eighth and newest studio album, first discussed back in 2013. Have a look below - listen out for some more straight up electronic vibes in this one.

Jamiroquai's last studio album, "Rock Dust Light Star", was released in December 2010.



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