American Beauty / American Psycho

Fall Out Boy have once again hit up Twitter to announce and share another track from "American Beauty/American Psycho", their soon to be released sixth studio album.

The track is called "Irresistible" and features an extension to the Fall Out Boy style of music, as they work toward becoming "more radio friendly". That said, it's so Fall Out Boy, that you'll still feel as if you've heard it before.

Frontman Pete Wentz shared a link to the video on Twitter earlier today along with a bit of a foreword to the song. “When I think of Irresistible it brings this image to my head, whether it’s fictional or real, of Sid and Nancy in an alley garbage raining down on them in an eternal spiral of romance and poison. Sometimes it hard not to love what can hurt us the most.”

The new album "American Beauty/American Psycho" is expected to be released on Friday January the 16th, a few weeks before they hit the stage at the Soundwave Festival - and no, there's no Soundwave in Perth this year.


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