Dave Grohl consoles crying Foo fan

It's something you'd never expect to happen at a rock concert - a grown man crying during an acoustic song, yet for the Foo Fighters, it's happened!

A gentleman dude by the name of Anthony, was at the Foo Fighters' concert in Greenwood Village in Colorado USA, alike stacks of other fans. There was one real difference to this guy though - he was crying. Oh, and Dave Grohl spotted him and pointed him out to the crowd.

Now, we know a little alcohol can turn even the toughest people into the most emotional but it's not that common for the frontman of one of the worlds rock bands to point you out or even pull you up on stage to have the whole audience serenade you with the very song that brought you to tears.

We will warn you there's some non-kid friendly language used in the clip, but seriously watch it - it's just adding to an already huge list of Why Dave Grohl is Probably the Best Fan-Oriented Musician Ever.




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