Coldplay Release Cryptic New Video

The hipster's of New York City are going to go absolutely bananas over this one.

Coldplay overnight released a cryptic new video on their Facebook page which is believed to be the cover art for their new album coming sometime in 2016.

The band announced on May 12 that the album, officially titled A Head Full Of Dreams, was being recorded, and it looks like their probably close to, or have completed the album and are ready for its release.

The cover of the band's seventh album features multiple circles in a hexagonal pattern in all of the different hues in the colour wheel, which are believed to represent the six albums previously released by the hipster overlords.

When the album is released, and what songs are on it is still unknown. All we do know is, It should be really, really good.

Posted by Coldplay on Monday, November 2, 2015



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