Channel [V] Closing Today...

If you grew up watching music videos on television, or seeing Australian acts get much needed airtime in the way of live performances, then you'll be sad to know that today is Channel [V]'s last day of broadcasting.

It ceases transmission tonight, after Foxtel announced on Wednesday that the music network will close, with Foxtel's executive director of TV, Brian Walsh, blaming a 'steady decline' for music television channels.

It will be replaced by a new look [V] Hits, which is essentially just music videos, with seemingly (though yet to be confirmed) little in terms of original content. All other Foxtel music channels are unaffected.

If you grew up during the late 1990s and 2000s (as this humble author has), it would be easy to remember the channel's best memories: The countless surprise gigs, coverage of the Big Day Out in Sydney, Sound Relief in 2009, the Music Bus, live performances in front of their studios, and who could forget Band in a Bubble, which saw Regurgitator holed up in a 'bubble' for three weeks in 2004 at Federation Square in Melbourne whilst they recorded their album Mish Mash! There was also the feeling that you genuinely didn't know what was going to happen next, which generally resulted in inappropriate things being done, or seen.

It did launch the career of a number of now well-known presenters, including Osher Günsberg (then known as Andrew G), Yumi Stynes, Jabba, Danny Clayton and so much more. They were all passionate about music, as was the channel, which is why we're sad to see anything that supports Australian music as much as what Channel [V] did close. 

If you want to relive the memories, check out this epic set by the Foo Fighters in 2002, recorded live at Fox Studios in Sydney. It sure is something.



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