Southbound Fire Fundraiser

It really sucks when we get passed the news that an event has been cancelled, even more so when it's a festival as we all know how much luck Perth has lately... What fills our hearts with joy is getting to let you know about the more positive things that can happen when an event is cancelled.

On Thursday night, Sunset Events, the company that organises and puts on Southbound, announced that they had chosen to cancel the event amid safety concerns due to the bushfire situation currently faced by those living in Perths' South West. After the major highways were closed, the main diversion routes received a multitude of traffic, which became a concern due to the changes, spread and unpredictability of the fire. Atop that, having more than 10,000 people camping in a field with limited directions out would result in a catastrophic situation should an evacuation be required.

Friday brought the news that South West town Yarloop was completely stricken by the flames - almost all of the buildings were gutted including some 95 houses.

Hearing the news of the devastation, Sunset Events announced that they would offer festival goers the ability to donate some, or all, or their refund of their tickets to help those who needed it most.

Then came this afternoon - they announced on Facebook plans to host a special benefit show to raise funds for those affected by the bushfires. Already, Bloc Party, Disclosure and Birds of Tokyo have put their hands up to join the line up.

Tickets for the fundraiser are going to be made available through Ticketmaster for $99 each. We'll keep you posted here regarding their availability and which other artists are going to be playing but in the interim, hats off to the team for confronting such a negative situation and turning it as positive as they could.




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