Well hello there!

So you want to know more about us? Well good news! You've landed yourself in the right place.

We're The Kitchen - a small team dedicated to helping you get home and bringing you closer to your favourite musicians.

Looking at the picture above Adam's on the left and Matt's on the right. We drive the show and make sure that you've got something to listen to on your way home on Radio Fremantle 107.9fm Fridays from 3-5pm.

Matt & Adam have been on air for well more than 8 years together.

Our team is pretty diverse in our interests but you can learn about them below!


AdamHe's the guy who finds music for the show, pushes the buttons when we're on air and is normally the one making really bad puns or jokes on air. We make fun of him when he makes a mistake - which isn't often - but when it happens it's normally hilarious.

He's done pretty much everything to do with digital media. And then there's this media award he won when he was in high school - his name's in gold writing on a wooden board. He keeps bringing it up. No idea why.

His fashion sense is a bit weird because he thinks wearing pants backwards should be a thing, but whatever you do, don't ever touch his hair. Just. Don't.



MattWe asked Matt to describe himself and he came up with this;

Matt dreams of one day magically waking up and being Justin Timberlake, but purely for pulling in chicks. Until then, he just turns up to a radio studio and talks for an hour about things that have already been planned to speak about.

After reading it, it's pretty accurate - but there's a few major things he forgot to mention... If anyone's going to fall off a chair while on air, it's him. Plus, he makes a pretty damn good Mr Bean doppelgänger and water balloon target. He's also single, so ladies... click here.



Based in Melbourne, Jake is our voice over guy - he's tasked with saying things like "On Radio Fremantle" and "The Kitchen" - which he does a pretty good job at.

We sometimes quite often send him scripts with tongue twisters so he makes mistakes.

Recently in 2020, Jake stepped up to the mic and became one of the co-hosts of the show - we needed someone on the show every week who's able to come up with great ideas for games, such as What What In The Shop.


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